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Note to visitors to in2events.com
During our travels, we take hundreds of photos in any given night / event, and as such do not have time to crop/edit or sometimes even upload all the images we collect. Should you be certain that there were specific photos taken at a particular venue, simply email us and we will do our best to dig it up if you are able to give sufficient information describing the image.

Please also realize that we receive an lot of emails on a regular basis, and take thousands of pics – so it sometimes takes a while for the photos to get online, or for you to get an answer. Also please note the following article regarding photography issues without consent.

However, before you do send of an email to get your photo removed because you haven’t provided consent, please be aware of the following. It isn’t illegal to take a photograph of a person without their consent. Unless they are used for some commercial purpose. Commercial purpose does not mean the sale of a picture but rather the use of a person\’s likeness to endorse a product or service, or to entice
others to buy it.

Australian street photography legal issues by Andrew Nemeth BSc (Hons) LLB (http://www.4020.net/words/photorights.php)
Is it illegal to take photographs of a person without their consent?
Not in Australia. If a person can look at you then they also have a right to take your photograph, whether you approve or not.\r\n\r\nIf you wish to prevent this, simply block the camera’s lens with your hand. This is what celebrities have done for decades. The following reasons explain why it is perfectly legal to take photographs without consent in this country:
(1) Our State and Federal constitutions lack a Bill of Rights. Therefore we have no guaranteed “right to privacy” in Australia, at least not with respect to photography. See Victoria Park v. Taylor (1937) and ABC vs Lenah (2001). See also Regina v Sotheren (2001), where a NSW SC judge noted: “A person, in our society, does not have a right not to be photographed”.
(2) Federal and NSW Privacy legislation does not apply to occasional photos taken by individual photographers. (The Acts currently only regulate data acquisition by Government departments and large corporations.)
(3) In Aug 2005 the Commonwealth Attorney General remarked: “[…] for any society to function in a relatively free and open manner, there could not realistically be a requirement for all photographs to be taken with consent. If there were such restrictions, candid shots could never be taken […]”.
(4) All Council restrictions against “unauthorised” photographs at Sydney beaches or swimming pools were revoked in 2005. This was because the restrictions were found to be legally and politically unenforceable.
(5) You are already photographed dozens of times a day without your permission, usually when you enter a bank, a railway station, supermarket, use an ATM etc.
Isn’t it Illegal to publish a personal photo on a website or other media without their consent?
Only in Quebec or France. In every other country, including Australia, publication is fully legal, provided the following criteria are met:
(1) The pictures aren\’t defamatory;
(2) They aren\’t indecent, offensive or otherwise demean the people in them or;
(3) They aren\’t being used for a “commercial purpose”

Please check out the full article here: http://www.4020.net/words/photorights.php

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